Security technology and support for optimum protection

Don't wait until the damage is done! Protect your family or business from danger in the best possible way with a specialized security partner. OE Group AG ensures optimum security with cutting-edge technologies, 24/7 monitoring, and professional maintenance.


Services and protection concepts in the field of security technology

Comprehensive advice

Many break-ins and damage can be prevented with suitable security technology and the correct behavior. Our specialist employees carry out security checks on site and provide sound advice to help you find the right solution.

Alarm systems

Professional alarm systems deter criminals and alert law enforcement agencies. In an emergency, your intelligent security systems record relevant data for investigating authorities. Our specialists will help you select, install, and maintain a suitable alarm system.

Video surveillance

From allotment gardens and offices to chain stores with multiple locations, the OE Group has the ideal surveillance system for every requirement. On request, we can also monitor your vehicles using artificial intelligence or license plate recognition.

Support & maintenance

The OE Group is in good hands with the maintenance of your security systems. To ensure that your security technology works around the clock, we monitor your system constantly and carry out regular remote analyses.

Training courses

Security is more than just a feeling. With targeted training, you can increase your personal sense of security and, thanks to practiced and correct use, protect your security system. You can find further courses and training in our OE Academy.

Specific security solutions

OE Group AG's targeted security solutions for specific sectors or areas strengthen the sense of security. But the situation-specific protection and surveillance services don't just feel good. They guarantee physical security and ensure that people, animals, and objects are protected best.

Further security services from the OE Group

OE Group AG is more than just a security service provider: we are your partner, providing optimal and effective protection with a comprehensive range of services, tailor-made security solutions, and industry-leading expertise.