Needs-based security services and protection concepts

The trained and highly motivated employees of OE Group AG are on duty around the clock with competence and care—be it for your protection, the security of events, or endangered objects. They implement your security project precisely, responsibly, and in accordance with your needs.


Services and protection concepts in the field of security services

Reception & security services

Our high-level security specialists in reception services ensure satisfied guests/visitors while guaranteeing maximum protection. The OE Group also has experienced employees who work 24/7 for property, area, and construction site security. 

- Reception & porter service 
- Property & area security
- Separate security (24/7)
- Construction site security
- Holiday security
- Armed guarding

Traffic & parking services

Our experienced traffic and parking services staff ensure a smooth traffic flow, monitor stationary traffic, and guarantee optimum parking space utilization. Our escort service is at your side for maximum safety on the road.

- Traffic & parking service
- Control of stationary traffic
- Escort service

Event security

Every successful event requires a prudent, professional security concept. We develop tailor-made security solutions that meet all requirements and offer all security services from a single source.

- Access control & ticketing 
- Visitor service & VIP support
- Supervision and box office services
- Medical services
- Planning and operations management
- On-site radio, telephone, and operations center

Security services

The very presence of our security officers has a preventative effect and increases the sense of security. In addition, they intervene appropriately in situations where necessary to establish order and protect people in danger.

- Security service 
- Heavy security service
- Armed security service

Personal & property protection

Our specially trained security staff protect buildings from break-ins and vandalism, valuables transportation from robberies, and people from attacks. The OE Group offers tailor-made protective measures based on individually identified potential dangers.

- Personal and escort protection 
- Property and valuables protection
- Transport of valuables
- Armed protection services

Specific security solutions

OE Group AG's targeted security solutions for specific sectors or areas strengthen the sense of security. But the situation-specific protection and surveillance services don't just feel good. They guarantee physical security and ensure that people, animals, and objects are protected best.

Further security services from the OE Group

OE Group AG is more than just a security service provider: we are your partner, providing optimal and effective protection with a comprehensive range of services, tailor-made security solutions, and industry-leading expertise.