Effective prevention training and security services

Prevention helps to avoid not only financial but also long-term psychological damage. Targeted training sessions strengthen self-confidence and teach effective ways of minimizing dangers and risks. Suitable protective measures complement our range of services to provide optimum protection against avoidable damage.


Services and training in the area of prevention services

Violence prevention training

How do we deal appropriately with verbal and non-verbal provocation? Recognize violent situations early and understand conflict dynamics: After OE Group's prevention training, you can de-escalate situations efficiently and without endangering yourself.

Robbery prevention training

Robberies can hardly be ruled out 100 percent. However, our training dramatically minimizes the likelihood of an attack - and prepares you so that the situation does not escalate in an emergency and the perpetrators can be caught quickly.

Theft prevention

Inventory discrepancies and shoplifting in retail and wholesale are constantly on the rise. Our civilian or uniformed employees monitor sales areas and intervene before people disappear with stolen goods.

Burglary prevention

Burglaries not only lead to financial losses. Victims of break-ins are often also left with lasting psychological insecurity. We offer efficient security solutions to protect you, your home, or your company optimally.

Traffic prevention for children

The OE Group's traffic prevention program prepares kindergartens and school classes for active participation in road traffic. The children gain confidence and learn to behave according to the rules.

Specific security solutions

OE Group AG's targeted security solutions for specific sectors or areas strengthen the sense of security. But the situation-specific protection and monitoring services don't just feel good. They guarantee physical security and ensure that people, animals, and objects are protected best.

Further security services from the OE Group

OE Group AG is more than just a security service provider: we are your partner, providing optimal and effective protection with a comprehensive range of services, tailor-made security solutions, and industry-leading expertise.