24/7 monitoring and operational readiness

At the heart of OE Group AG is the company's own monitoring and operations center in the canton of Zurich. It guarantees the best possible security around the clock, seven days a week. The control center employees monitor everything, react immediately, and initiate countermeasures. We are also constantly available via the 24/7 telephone switchboard—even on public holidays or in the middle of the night.


Services and interventions in the area of 24/7 monitoring

Alarm intervention

In the event of an alarm, our intervention specialists respond quickly and reliably: Our security staff are on-site in just 30 minutes, carry out the measures and steps agreed with you, and cooperate with emergency services such as the police and fire department in an emergency.

Technical intervention

Our operations center is on standby around the clock. If an alarm is triggered due to technical defects, these are analyzed immediately, the repair work is coordinated, and any necessary safety measures are initiated.

Video surveillance

Whether permanent or results-based, our head office always monitors properties, areas, or access controls to ensure the greatest possible security.

Telephone switchboard

You can reach us at any time—even on public holidays or in the middle of the night. We are also happy to make control calls for you to company employees or private individuals in need of supervision.

Specific security solutions

OE Group AG's targeted security solutions for specific sectors or areas strengthen the sense of security. But the situation-specific protection and surveillance services don't just feel good. They guarantee physical security and best protect people, animals, and objects.

Further security services from the OE Group

OE Group AG is more than just a security service provider: we are your partner, providing optimal and effective protection with a comprehensive range of services, tailor-made security solutions, and industry-leading expertise.